small keloid (?) on ear piercing (pictures)
17-10-2016, 19:40
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small keloid (?) on ear piercing (pictures)
I recently noticed a lump on the back of one of my ear rim piercings which has steadily grown. I've had this piercing for a year or two now (I can't remember exactly how long) but about a year ago the lump was only half the size it is now. Granted it's still relatively small, in the past few weeks it's grown noticeably and I'm really anxious, probably understandably so, about it. I've researched a lot but I'm unsure of what to do, I don't want to risk aggravating it and making it bigger. Also I've never got a keloid before and as far as I know, no one in my immediate family has had one. I'm not even sure if this is a keloid or some other form of scar? Mostly I am just concerned with what's going on at this stage and what I need to do with it?

[Image: IMG_5362.jpg]

Left picture is yesterday when I noticed it had got bigger, it hurt a lot so I removed the bar and there was some blood and pus, then realised jewellery is meant to be kept in to allow it to drain so I put it back in. Today I went to the piercing shop and the girl told me they are quite common and she switched the jewellery to flat backed, shorter bars and gave me an oil mixture (sunflower, lavender, vitamin e and tea tree oil) to apply to it. It seems soft and jelly-like at the moment.

Also for info above is a piercing I've had for about the same time (1-2 years) and below (ring) I got done 2 weeks ago and seems to be healing fine so far. (I've also got the same three piercing on my other ear which are all healing fine). It's this one in particular that hasn't healed well, ever since I got it there's been some clear fluid, sometimes blood draining from it (for more than a year..) which I assumed means it needed more time to heal. But until now I did not know the presence of a lump indicates that something is wrong, and I really wish I'd noticed it sooner. I've heard that older keloids (more than a year in particular) on piercings don't really respond to oils. Any advice on how to handle this?
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small keloid (?) on ear piercing (pictures)
Hey blue I have a keloid on my ear to. You should try to go to they have all types of pressure ear rings and magnetic ear rings for sale that can help shrink the size of your keloid. I’m not sure how big it is because the picture won’t load, but mines is a fairly decent size and they work for me

[Image: 96c7278c9bbb56171e88991cd489a693.jpg]

They have all types of styles, sizes and choices.

I am alllergic to nickel but I just put a piece of tape on them to prevent my skin from coming in contact with it.

There is also a product called nickel guard, it’s a liquid similar to finger nail polish that you can use on jewelry to prevent allergic reactions. If it’s really big you may have some loose skin so yeah...

Good luck

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