When to start keloid injections?
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When to start keloid injections?
Hey guys I have a small keloid that is just starting to appear. I’ve read that it’s best to get injections sooner than later, so do the injections work on small new keloids? Or is that just a myth? And just out of curiosity how long did your keloids grow before they stopped? It’s it better to treat them or leave them alone? It seems like no one knows for sure. I have one on my right side of my chest that grew for about a year, and one on my ear that grew for about the same amount of time (idk I stopped paying attention to it). The one on the center of my chest just grows and grows indefinitely the damn thing is supercharged    

Something else that made me laugh, was this,





Playing street fighter 5 and I realized one of my favorite characters of all time Sagat has a giant keloid across his chest, and I never put much thought into it lol, this dudes keloid makes ascarred beauty’s keloid look like a scratch lol. His scar is iconic, I couldn’t imagine him without it. So that’s something to think about.

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RE: When to start keloid injections?
Hey Mic_Mic16 How are you? If your keloid on your chest keeps growing I would advise you to see a dermatologist. Your derm will probably inject the keloid with Kenalog any strength from 10mg-40mg. It will inhibit the growth and help with itching etc..It can help flatten your keloid, but you will need to get multiple injections maybe up to 5 for a desired result. I would recommend to try Cica Care scar sheets which could help as well. Best!
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RE: When to start keloid injections?
Have you started the injections? I want to know if they've helped, because I had steroid injections done a few years ago. I had 3 sessions before I stopped going because it was so painful. Now my scars are still growing and in afraid. It's been 7 years since I went last...

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