Tapatalk logo and users image
18-03-2015, 06:27
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User images
Maybe come up with a way we can use images by our names. I feel there would then be a better connection between users.
24-03-2015, 16:00
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RE: User images
Hi Jgibson4L,

Thanks for the cool suggestion Icon_toppa - I'll look into adding the avatar feature in.

In the meantime, is anyone strongly against it?

17-10-2015, 18:17
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Tapatalk logo and users image
Hi, c_man,

The logo on the Tapatalk is missing. And users image are not displayed.

Best wishes,

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18-12-2015, 14:38
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RE: Tapatalk logo and users image
Hi Knoxic,

Thanks for your feedback Icon_toppa.

I haven't had the chance to look into this but hope to do so soon. I will post back with an update...

Many thanks,

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