Success Stories
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Success Stories
Hello everyone! Perhaps, I will let this post serve as a newcomer post and feedback.

Fortunately, I do not have Keloid scaring but unfortunately someone I care about does. My purpose for visiting this forum is to learn more about the condition and be supportive for that person. One thing I didn’t notice and I think would be beneficial is a location for success stories.

Before you warn me I know that there really is no cure for Keloid scars and sometimes when trying to make the scarring better it actually makes it come back worse. However, I would like to believe that we are always advancing and little miracles do happen. Information that would be hopeful to other may be as follows:

Pictures: Starting out, worse case, and successful.
Quick Background: Just a bit about the person like their race, where they are from, how long they had the scarring, how they got the scarring, etc
Previous Treatments: If they tried certain things that didn’t work.
Successful Treatment: What they actually used to get the desired or satisfactory outcome.

This is just a quick list that I think people with Keloid scarring would like to know and help them better compare and choose the correct methods of treatment for them.

Thanks again and hopefully my input is worth considering.

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