Scars on chest shoulders and back
14-03-2013, 19:49
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Scars on chest shoulders and back
Hi! I'm new here.
So I have this problem I want to share with people suffering from scars and keloids. It all started 3 years ago I had bad acne breakout on chest shoulders and back, at first I thought it will go away and everything will be fine, but now I have second thoughts it left ugly scars and I'll have to live with it rest of my life. I got about 3 steroid injections to my scars (triamcinolone acetonide) and 4 sessions of IPL, but it's only a bit of improvement I also had few appointments with plastic surgeons they said they couldn't help, Dermatologist said that nothing can be done for my scars so after injections and few more sessions of IPL I'll be screwed.

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25-03-2013, 22:04
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RE: Scars on chest shoulders and back
Hi DamnLife,

Welcome to the forum Icon_surprised

Many thanks for posting your photos Icon_thumbsup. It really helps other people understand how keloids appear in different shapes and sizes, as well as different locations.

Do you feel the steroid injections and IPL are helping? Have you seen significant improvements?

It'd be really useful for us all if you could share your experiences for both [we have a Injections & Laser Treatment forum which would be the place to write your experiences], especially as we have no content on IPL just yet. I personally know very little about it and how it is used to address keloid scarring. Hope you can help? Icon_toppa

Your keloids seem quite flat and so the optimist in me says you definitely have a chance to flatten them completely... which is better than nothing right Icon_nod. Just have to be careful in those areas - try to avoid any scratching or trauma [cuts, damage] to the skin so the situation doesn't worsen Icon_thumbsup.

Keep us updated on how your future appointments pan out.

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RE: Scars on chest shoulders and back
Sure l would help my fellow sufferers Icon_smile
But the problem is I can't really tell are these the keloids or hypertrophic scars, my derm says I have keloids two plastic surgeons told me that I have hypertrophic scars, I should say three I have asked Dr. Sam Lam about my scars and he said these don't look like keloids, and looks more like hypertrophic scars (milder keloid version).
So if these scars are hypertrophic I won't be so much help for you, right?
Edit: Oh! I almost forgot I do believe that these aren't keloids for the few facts: No family members with keloids, I'm white and my skin tone is III (no offence intended), I'm not prone to keloid for example if I accidentally cut myself I usually leave no scar at all.
04-03-2019, 11:30
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Scars on chest shoulders and back
Yes these scars formed Keloids.
Worst thing you did is took immunosuppressive drugs. I mean corticosteroids and all.
I have had them when I was teen, ignored till I was 30. Eventually, they started to connect each other and form big lessons. Last 6 months I treated and now I am fine, still there are marks but hard wonds gone away.
Get them treated in your country.
God bless you.

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