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Hi all,

I thought this may be of interest:

We already have some information on the treatment here: New-FDA-approved-keloid-treatment

Anyone looked into it? Icon_smile

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RE: SRT-100
Apologies for bumping this old thread but I believe there should be more discussion and information into the srt - 100 and other radiation based treatment.

Looking at the avail treatments for keloid scarring at the moment, injectables such as TAC and 5fu do seem to have a minor therapeutic effect to slightly reduce or slow down the growth of keloids, but they are no way a complete solution for eradication. Cryoshape seems to be a good solution for ear keloids, but for keloids on the body such as central chest or shoulder its definitely not a guaranteed fix. Cryoshape is quite invasive and to be honest the recovery period looks long and quite uncomfortable.

This leaves surgical removal and srt or similar based treatment as the third option. The surgery guarantees complete removal of the bulk of the scar, whereas the post op radiation (somewhat) guarantees against recurrence. Yes you will be left with another scar and some pigmentation change, which should fade over the years, but it could potentially be a permanent solution with an acceptable appearance and recovery period.

I notice there is a distinct lack of clinics, both NHS and private in the UK who offer this treatment, and I don't understand why. I think when people hear the word radiation they immediately think of cancer and horrible radiation sickness from the cold war, but this treatment method was FDA approved 5 years ago, and we're starting to build up historical evidence that this treatment is safe in the long term. The optimist in me thinks that even if there are undesirable outcomes from srt 20 years down the line, modern medicine, especially in the cancer field, might be able to provide a solution.

Coming back to the present day, and we're still waiting for a cure to our thankfully benign scarring. I think I'm going to wait it out for a few years to see the evidence build up in support of srt, and if the UK adopts it as a treatment method. Senus health who make the srt-100 machine are expanding worldwide, and made inroads into China last year where there is a wealth of evidence to be gathered.

Apologies for the long post, but I like many of the readers of this forum are patiently waiting for an acceptable effective treatment for keloid scarring. I feel srt might be the best option available to date.

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