Promising Keloid treatment research in Mississippi
06-07-2013, 18:54
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RE: Promising Keloid treatment research in Mississippi
Hi Keloidresrcher,

Quote:The community is a privately owned non-commercial and non-profitable site

I'd like to take this chance remind you of the above. Therefore, please ensure you remain within the good nature of this ethos, and do not seek any monetary benefit from your posts here in the forums.

Quote:Membership is free and you will never be charged for the information, resources or intelligence collated within the community.

Please disclose as much information as you can on your research with the community; after all we are here to help each other and not withhold information. I am sure any prospective individual who has interest in your research will want to know as much as possible before they see you; these forums are the perfect platform for you to share your progress.

If you feel you cannot share information with us, and simply use this site to advertise your services, I'm afraid that falls outside the boundaries and intentions of this this.


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