Plastic Surgery Option
29-05-2019, 04:52
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Plastic Surgery Option
Hello! I’ve had keloid scars for 10+ years and it really feel like I’ve done everything possible to ease the inflammation. I have done kenalog shots and cicacare sheets, excision of one but it grew back, oils and patches, etc. I would get them under control but after a pregnancy, they would start growing. So, I’m back at it again to see what options are out there. Looks like there new lasers too; an option my plastic surgeon recommended was to test how my body reacts by excising one and inject with 5-fu. Anyone tried 5-FU with excision or laser? Also, has anyone tried essential oils? Helichrysum, lavender, and etc to help with their scars. I’ve yet to try it and want to hear about your experiences, be it positive or negative.

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13-06-2019, 22:11
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RE: Plastic Surgery Option
I think plastic surgery alone will not help, as the fresh wound if a scar is excised would only lead to a new scar.

If surgery combined with radiation therapy is used then the rates of reccurance are a lot lower. You are still left with the surgery scars, and of course the radiation risks (which probably are very remote), but this method is a lot more effective than injections / topical treatments that have failed in the past.

Look at srt-100. I am not speaking from experience, but I'm keen to see future keloid treatments.

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