[New Feature] Donate to Keloid Scar Forum
21-04-2014, 19:47
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[New Feature] Donate to Keloid Scar Forum
Hi all,

Recently, I've been working to enable a donations feature for Keloid Scar Forum, for any community member wishing to contribute to the upkeep and running costs of this forum Icon_thumbsup. Note, this is absolutely optional for all members and guests Icon_smile.

Donations Page: http://www.keloidscarforum.com/donate.php

Some background:

In late 2012 I spent many evenings across a 2 month period getting this site ready, slowly building and testing it's functionality, step by step. With much happiness, I was extremely proud to launch Keloid Scar Forum online in January 2013 Icon_surprised.

In my eyes, it has been a great success to date, and has allowed us keloid sufferers to share our experiences and tips with each other Icon_biggrin.

For the purposes of transparency, I spent approximately 135 USD / 85 GBP / 95 EUR to secure the hosting for our forum for a 2 year period. This plan will come to expire in January 2015 and I will be facing almost double the initial fee to extend the hosting plan beyond the expiry date. If you would like to contribute to the running costs of this site, this is your chance. Once again, there is absolutely no obligation.

As always, I will endeavour to continue to keep this site running to the best of my abilities.

Thank you for your support Icon_toppa,

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