My Cryoshape Experience
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RE: My Cryoshape Experience
Hi Neilman1,

Thanks for your immensely helpful first post Icon_surprised.

Sounds like you've certainly got more courage than me in facing steroid injections, surgery to remove scar tissue, laser treatment and Cryoshape Icon_thumbsup Icon_eek.

(22-07-2016 00:59)Neilman1 Wrote:  Asked the doctor about SRT-100 radiotherapy and he recommended Cryoshape instead. I was hesitant about doing the procedure because I didn't understand what prevented recurrence. I did some research and to be honest, I did not see one post, review or research that found it would make it worse. I asked the doctor if he would do just one or two because he had quoted $2,000 for the three on my chest. He basically said that he could do two for $1,900. I decided to take the plunge based on the research.

Interesting pricing Icon_confused was there any structure with the quotations? Sounds awfully expensive and not necessarily price per scar.

(22-07-2016 00:59)Neilman1 Wrote:  As of today, I have been recovering for 5 days. The keloids are still scabby and leaking fluid. I did not expect the healing process to be this intense but it is manageable. I am concerned because the swelling at this point looks twice as large as the original keloids and I feel them getting firmer. I don't know how much this is going to heal but I saw the doctor two days after the procedure and he said "This is in the realm of what we would expect right now". I have read the process can take a few months to see where it all settles so I am still optimistic.

When you mention ' I did not expect the healing process to be this intense' - do you refer to pain or do you refer to the scabby and leaking nature (presumably) requiring delicate attention? Are you mobile now, back to work, etc.? On a related note, are you able to describe the procedure itself in a little more detail, what happened on the day (or days leading up) and what the experience was like? Did they use a numbing agent?

Above all, it sounds like what you're experiencing now is expected from the doctor's perspective, that can only be a good thing Icon_smile. Did the doctor give any indication of when the swelling may decrease and what the recovery plan looks like for the next 2-4 weeks? It may be a good idea to have that identified up front so you can compare your real progress against the expected progress. Without this plan, the doctor can always say 'this is expected' regardless of what you report/show to him or her Icon_rolleyes (maybe I'm just being cynical here Icon_razz )

Fingers crossed for a speedy recovery Icon_toppa - would be awesome to see a success story Icon_nod.


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