Keloids and dating
22-04-2019, 23:49
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RE: Keloids and dating
(22-04-2019 22:53)JoeWilliams Wrote:  
PETERAS Wrote:  Well i have bad keloids on my neck, and my girlfriend doesn't mind. But I'm hella insecure but she loves me for who i am. She is way out of my league and it sucks to know that if she leaves me, she will find someone 10x better looking. As much as it hurts, just tell them. Its hard but at least you'll get the weight off of your shoulders.

I have to pretend my keloids do not exist. I do not look at mirrors. I avoid touching them.

Same here! I just try to pretend they're not even there, because if I do acknowledge their presence, it brings my mood down.
09-07-2019, 17:35
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RE: Keloids and dating
i've had no trouble in that respect but i have noticed that over the years i have figured out why i went for the Doc Marten then Rock chick look. And even today i just don't feel worthy or able to wear feminine clothes. i never like dresses. God knows my mom did try and still tries. i'll wear biker shorts. i think deep down having a Keloid has affected everything about me.

i think back to school days and college days and with having an upper body Keloid i couldnt wear nice frilly tops and i couldve easily turned a cheek and been gay or anything. i was into Art in school and i went to parents over Christmas and they gave me my art collection and one drawing was disturbing as it was a woman with an axe who had chopped off her Keloid. my mind went really dark with regards to my Keloid. Which is strange and i have always had and still have a bubbly happy personality.

today i don't give a fig about the keloid on my arm. but i do use plastic card around it only because there is a round piece that is sticking up and trying to grow over shoulder bone.

Keloids are just plain mad! Icon_uhoh
23-12-2019, 08:03
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RE: Keloids and dating
(03-08-2015 10:19)sean Wrote:  I was always conscious of my scars which in the grand scheme of things, aren't too bad. I have 2 on my chest.

With my current girlfriend I just tried to pretend they didn't exist. I was waiting for her to ask but she never did. A year or so in I mentioned how much I hate them and she said she loves them. It's part of me and something that makes me who I am. She says she doesn't really notice them. Much like people wouldn't take any notice of freckles. It's made me feel 100X better and although I'm still conscious of them, they no longer dominate my thoughts when I have my shirt off.

My advise, just go with it. If someone finds them to be a problem they clearly weren't the right person anyway.

Hi keloids can mess up your confidence but there's someone out there for everyone so don't let it get you down.

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