Keloids and dating
22-04-2019, 23:49
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RE: Keloids and dating
(22-04-2019 22:53)JoeWilliams Wrote:  
PETERAS Wrote:  Well i have bad keloids on my neck, and my girlfriend doesn't mind. But I'm hella insecure but she loves me for who i am. She is way out of my league and it sucks to know that if she leaves me, she will find someone 10x better looking. As much as it hurts, just tell them. Its hard but at least you'll get the weight off of your shoulders.

I have to pretend my keloids do not exist. I do not look at mirrors. I avoid touching them.

Same here! I just try to pretend they're not even there, because if I do acknowledge their presence, it brings my mood down.

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