Keloid scars on my chest [pics]
16-02-2013, 00:33
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Keloid scars on my chest [pics]
Hi all,

Well I've written about my chest keloids so here is what they look like.

July 2010

[Image: Chest_1.png]

The keloids on my chest are, by far, the most painful and cause me the most irritation on a day-to-day basis Icon_sulk.

The 'bigger' scar at the bottom formed in around 2002. The 'smaller' scar at the top formed in 2007. I can still remember the day it first appeared, it was tiny, like a pimple, and there was instant fear it would become a keloid. My fears were firmly realised... Icon_cry.

You'll see that the two keloids, on my chest, in the image above are separate. Unfortunately they have now joined, to form one big one Icon_cry. This happened in late 2011, as a direct result of using the Kelo-cote product Icon_thumbdown - you can see my opinions on that over here: Kelo-cote Spray Icon_wave.

I'll update this thread with more recent pictures in due course...

28-02-2013, 23:44
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RE: Keloid scars on my chest [pics]
Here is another one from the same month... providing a difference perspective from the other side.

July 2010

[Image: Chest_2.png]

As you can see, the keloids are relatively flat. I say relatively, because things only get worse...Icon_cry as future pictures will show. Will post them in due course...

08-06-2013, 23:01
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RE: Keloid scars on my chest [pics]
Here is another update, approximately one year one from the pics above:

August 2011

[Image: Chest_3.png]

It's clear that both scars have increased in size, which seems inevitable with keloids on the chest due to the way we use our arms and continually 'stretch' the chest area Icon_sad. With the size increase, I saw increased pain and irritation Icon_cry.

08-06-2013, 23:55
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RE: Keloid scars on my chest [pics]
This post brings up pretty much up to date, I can't find any images from 2012.

Unfortunately, it's the worse update yet Icon_cry.
The scar(s) continue to grow, continue to cause more irritation and more pain on a day to day basis Icon_sulk Icon_wave.

June 2013

[Image: Chest_4.png]

The scar continues to gain in mass.
You can almost see the 'fibres' stretching laterally, causing the well known 'butterfly effect', particularly in this second image:

[Image: Chest_5.png]

The scars are quite red in appearance, this is typically representative of them being 'active' and 'angry' Icon_evil.

I am almost certain the recent growth is directly linked to the use of Kelo-cote Spray - you can read my thoughts on that product by clicking here. The growth has caused both previously separate scars to now join - a slow and painful process Icon_mad.

That's all for now Icon_neutral.

10-08-2013, 07:21
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RE: Keloid scars on my chest [pics]
My daughter had keloids that were far worse (much worse) than yours. You really need to get steroid injections and continue to get them. Keloids can be stubborn and first and may not seem to respond to the first several rounds of injections............but don't give up. My daughters physician told us that you have to keep injecting the little bastards until they succumb to the steroid (and according to him they all eventually surrender to the steroid injections). Some people/doctors give up if there is no response after the first one or two injections. Increase the concentration of the steroid or the injection frequency. eventually they will be flattened out (or slightly caved in). Then use some retinol cream to rebuild the collagen, which will cause the indentations to rise and the keloid to flatten out. The next step is laser treatment to whiten/lighten the color. Last step is a spray tan.........after which you will hardly notice you ever had keloids. MY daugther had approximately 40 keloids on her back, and more on her chest. All were caused by cystic acne. She now feels comfortable wearing a bikini to the beach/pool and doesn't think twice about her keloids. The treatment process took about 2 years. Best of luck to you!
04-03-2017, 20:37
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RE: Keloid scars on my chest [pics]
After a delay, here is a current update.

Sadly, it's not a positive one.
Given the already large keloid has experienced further growth Icon_cry but the 'smaller' one has grown at an alarming rate too Icon_eekIcon_mad.

The pain has increased significantly too...Icon_sad - these alone keep me up at night Icon_wave

February 2017

[Image: Chest_6.png]

The reddish colour indicates they are both very 'angry' and active, with neither showing no signs up settling Icon_sulk. The pain and irritation continues to increase and now I'm at a point where its limiting my mobility, i.e. ability to stretch my arms and move freely, let alone carry heavy items.

The (lateral) growth pattern is clear and I can only conclude this is taking place from using my arms for normal day to day activities, which in turn is causing stress on the keloids in lateral form, resulting in continued growth.

The pain is so unbearable I am once again considering starting painkillers (the merits and risks discussed here) as well as pressure garments (as discussed here).

Last week I received a huge scare as the top keloid began to bleed Icon_scared, here is a close up of the area the was bleeding:

(see the top keloid, at the point furthest left)

[Image: Chest_7.png]

The pain was so colossal that my legs were shaking and I endured 3 or 4 nights without much sleep at all, including one completely sleepless night. Worryingly I have no idea the reasons for the bleeding Icon_uhoh. I simply applied Haelan Tape to the area and hoped for the best.

It's rather worrying what this will all mean if the situation continues to worsen over the coming years Icon_cry.

01-11-2017, 20:34
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RE: Keloid scars on my chest [pics]
Hey c_man - I didn't see this sub-forum before. Your scars look very, very similar to mine. I don't have before photos, but they're basically the same size, shape, thickness and progression that I experienced.

I'll put up some progress photos now that they've been treated with liquid nitrogen and injections for a little over a year now. The remaining progress is very slow, because the derm's office has reduced the concentration.

Wow. I have a keloid twin. No... nevermind. That sounds nightmarish.
31-12-2017, 15:58
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RE: Keloid scars on my chest [pics]
Hi nathantpham,

You'll be surprised at how many of us have a keloid like this on the central chest area. The shape is also common and often described as 'butterflying' due to growing or being pulled left and right in equal measures Icon_sad.

(01-11-2017 20:34)nathantpham Wrote:  I'll put up some progress photos now that they've been treated with liquid nitrogen and injections for a little over a year now. The remaining progress is very slow, because the derm's office has reduced the concentration.

Yes! Icon_surprised Please do post progress photos, iquid nitrogen AND injections sounds like a painful process Icon_scared.


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