Kelaid claims to be a Permanent keloid solution?
28-03-2018, 23:40
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Kelaid claims to be a Permanent keloid solution?
I want some opinions on this. it seems legitimate. I’m watching and waiting to see if this is the real deal.

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29-03-2018, 16:40
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RE: Kelaid claims to be a Permanent keloid solution?
Their response alone demonstrates a distinct lack of professionlism and conviction I'd expect from a complany who makes the claims they do Icon_thumbdown.

I've bolded the parts that are particularly questionable...


We are a small company and we are not American (so we do not need to be FDA approved)
We do not claim keloid to be a medicine in the western sense, it is by all accuracy a herbal topical treatment for keloids. This testament is not new by any means,it’s just new to this part of the world as it has been healing people for over 10 years in other countries around the globe.

We understand your criticism since the western world doctors have taught millions that keloids cannot be gotten rid of without surgery, and even surgery is just about the worst thing you can do to a keloid. If this product had such grave concequences such as cancer or making keloids bigger we would not be in business and our website would have been shut down ages ago so we aren’t sure why you suggest that.

Kelaid does one thing only; gets rid of keloids. It does not make a keloid worse and does not cause any other issues. The ingredients are listed on our website. KELAID is not taken orally as it is applied directly onto the keloids itself and not the unaffected skin.

Considering our feedback, our many videos of people signings it’s praises and our gauruntee we urge you to keep an open mind about our product and not try to bring past experiences to it (even though we know it is difficult). We know how it is, we at Kelaid also have keloid skin and we did not believe this at all (because come on), but be opened minded and you will be pleasantly surprised!

Thank you

Some very bold claims there Icon_lol.
I won't waste more time commenting on the so called 'gauruntee' (sic) Icon_rolleyes. The cynic in me questions if it is a company at all, or rather an individual or few looking to make some money.

If you decide to try the product, do keep us updated Icon_thumbsup and good luck Icon_toppa.

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RE: Kelaid claims to be a Permanent keloid solution?
Don't waste money on things you see online or marketed online for keloids and hypertrophic scars. They are mainly made to make money off of desperate people who want a fast/ quick promising result, but in reality you should seek a specialist in treating keloid scars. These are the most trickiest scars to treat, but if you find a professional who is knowledgeable in treating these you probably will have success. Check my forum under General. Stop using silicone and all other BS products online. They are not efficient and do not really work. Let me rephrase that... They might work temporarily, but it's not a permanent solution. Stop giving these companies that sell these products money when you can have a specialist treat them, and have permanent results. Check Ringpfeil Dermatology google it. That's where I go.
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Kelaid claims to be a Permanent keloid solution?
Hey I wanted to update this post. So I bought Kelaid probably almost a year ago but I never tried it. I left it in the freezer and forgot about it. I went and got steroid injections for my chest keloid. Long story short, steroid injections didn’t work, in fact I’d actually advise caution on it because it gave me bad acne which caused me to develop jawline keloids. Icon_wave so I decided what the heck I’ll just try it once or twice because it was growing at a alarming rate and it was getting itchy.

Anyways here are the before and after pics. The first 2 are before the rest are after. I tried to scrunch my face up in the light as best as I could to show you guys what it looks like now

[Image: 5dd867893f3fcf0ab392fb4bb4d5c512.jpg]

[Image: e85ada8408422cf3179a33d464f7f3f6.jpg]
[Image: a4e031e1e698711be454e63bb92f5cf8.jpg]
[Image: e2679b6d4dc98072fc2a5f3821742e9e.jpg]

[Image: 74be26f6aa112e6c748936256f5640ef.jpg]

[Image: 7a5a7b03d8214dd1156a629421f7dc04.jpg]

[Image: 14eea0d9fed7ea1ec2e93ee9d445753e.jpg][Image: 2e8da785042c87ea5285c7b266879d46.jpg]

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Kelaid claims to be a Permanent keloid solution?
Now this is only after about 3 days of use... I’m not advertising for them or anything, I’m in no way shape or form affiliated with these people but it actually worked. It’s still there, but it is soft and almost completely flat. U can still see it under certain lighting and if I press the skin down around it, but I am shocked. As you can clearly see it’s barely even visible if at all unless I twist my face up. I’ll keep you posted if anything changes. Again I’m not telling anyone to go run out and buy this but it worked for me. It seems to dry it out, or deflate it somehow.

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Kelaid claims to be a Permanent keloid solution?
On a side note I use magnetic earrings on my ears because I have a earlobe keloid. And yes it does work, and it flattened the keloid to the point where it feels like a normal earlobe. But there is still extra skin. Kinda like when a over weight person loses a lot of weight. So if anybody is dealing with a earlobe keloid I would highly recommend giving it a shot. If it’s small enough it might work, or if you have surgery it may stop it for growing back. I use super strong neodymium magnets on the opposite side, it’s a little painful at first but after a while Of wearing them I forget they are even in my ears, you can’t even tell I have a keloid on my ear when I have them on.

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Kelaid claims to be a Permanent keloid solution?
Now I just need to find a way to get rid of my chest keloids because now I have 4, and the one I got injections on is even bigger after the injections and it hurts even more now and I get random shocks of pain throughout the day.

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