Is turmeric the answer to keloids?
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Is turmeric the answer to keloids?
I read this article and found it interesting guys =) I took the liberty to add in all the links that the article had, hope I didn't miss any. Actual article link here.

This is my story of how I got my keloids to stop spreading. I have been living with keloids for over 15 years, with the first one popping up when I was merely at the age of 13. Young and naive, I didn’t know what to make of it. I was too afraid to tell my parents about it, my mom died when I was 8, and I was never really close with my dad. That along with our family’s financial problem I never could bring myself to burden the family with what I thought could be an expensive treatment. So I lived with it, and it festered, it itched, it chipped away at my confidence. Now at the age of 30, I regret not taking early actions and asking for help. I have a 10 inch sized keloid on my chest area, 3 more on the back of my shoulders (both sides!), and they’re quite big too. I’ve been fortunate to have none of them grow in places where it would be visible to the public. However they’ve grown so big now that I only wear dark baggy clothes so that any passerby don’t see an obvious bulge on my back or chest.

Some of you reading this know exactly what that feels like, and trust me, I feel your pain. I’ve tried all treatment types, from praying to every God out there to the absurd idea that a little bit of vinegar will help in reducing the size of the keloid. True enough, none of those method gave me any kind of relief. While some home remedies may help people who have dormant non-active keloids (scars they obtain from falling), it does jack for people like me, who have hyper aggressive keloids. Those like me understand the struggle all too well. The fact that keloids aren’t life threatening makes our situation worst because it doesn’t create urgency for our scientific community to find a cure for it. We are basically left in the dark, people judge us, they see us like we are diseased creatures.

I have accepted that I must live with keloids all my life, but I wasn’t going to back down in fighting it. I thought if the scientific community isn’t going to do much about it, I would do my own study and deduce the best and most logical way to treat the keloids on my own. While what works for me might not work for you, just hear me out on this and decide for yourself whether it makes sense to you.

You are able to find a tonne of websites promoting home remedies to keloids or clinics offering cosmetic solutions such as laser treatments, steroid injections, scar removal operations. The only problem with these websites are that they offer temporary solutions to an ever lasting problem. With absolutely no scientific backing to their statements, they blurt out the top 10 ways we can treat our keloids at home, they give us hope… until we try them and find out nothing works. Cosmetic solutions offered by clinics are exactly as advertised, they are only COSMETIC solutions, they do not offer a permanent solution. If you have keloids like mine, you can bet they’ll be back stronger and more potent than before. I have gone through steroid injections and laser treatments. Both failed miserably while costing me a fortune. Steroid injections really only work on small DORMANT keloids. However, I’ve had keloids that are dormant for 6 months start becoming active BECAUSE of steroid injections, and they itch like mad which makes things work.

In order for me to start self treating, I had to understand the fundamentals of what causes a keloid. Better yet I wanted to know what are keloids made of. A simple google search did the trick. It turns out keloids are made of collagen (Wikipedia).

“Keloid, also known as keloid disorder and keloidal scar,[1] is the formation of a type of scar which, depending on its maturity, is composed mainly of either type III (early) or type I (late) collagen. It is a result of an overgrowth of granulation tissue (collagen type 3) at the site of a healed skin injury which is then slowly replaced by collagen type 1.”

So my number one step was to reduce intake of all foods that contain high levels of collagen, I know our bodies secrete their own collagen but why help it along by consuming collagen. After all I believe that diet has a major roll in the growth rate of keloids, I do not have the resources to prove that, it is just a hunch. However, I did try being vegan for a year to see what effects it had on my keloid, yes I was that desperate, not only did I become entirely vegan for a year, I was a super vegan in that I did not consume any sorts of oils and sugar as well. While the results for that year were very beneficial to my body, it only reduced the itching and spreading of keloids by a small margin, sure I lost over 15kgs in that time, I felt more comfortable in my own skin, but in no way was that a solution.

I got a little side tracked there. Back to the collagen part, so if keloids are made from collagen, it must mean by body isn’t able to suppress the amount of collagen needed to heal a wound, it just keep pouring out trying to heal something that doesn’t need healing any more, hence that’s the reason my keloids keep getting bigger, right? Sure that makes sense. So that means I should reduce the amount of food that aids in collagen production in my body. I then went to google in search for those particular foods that boosted collagen production and here is my list of foods that I have eliminated from my diet entirely or reduced tremendously:

Food rich in PROTEIN – I couldn’t eliminate protein from my diet entirely so what I did was I made sure I only got the minimum amount required for a human to continue living. Which would average to about 56g for men and 46g for women.

GARLIC – I do love my garlic, come on I’m Asian, I can’t live without garlic. But it was either garlic or a MEGA keloid 10 years from now.

CITRUS FRUITS – Mainly because they have high dose of vitamin C which then aids in collagen production

WHITE TEA – Some study shows that it protects structural proteins of the skin specifically collagen. Well OUT YOU GO. Go green instead!

SOY PRODUCTS – Huge collagen contributor, they prompt collagen production.

Along with this list, I also reduced the amount of berries I consumed.

Now that I’ve sent my body into low gear in terms of collagen production, I was sure that at normal rates, my body was still producing collagen far greater than that of a normal human. I mean my entire body basically consist of 10% collagen at this point right? And it doesn’t plan to stop there. I’ve always wondered if I removed the huge chunk of keloid from my body, what would be the difference in weight on the weighing scale be. That’s a story for another day though.

So let’s track back what I have done :

Found out what are keloids made of : COLLAGEN!
Found out what foods boosts or aids collagen production.
Reduce the intake of said foods.

Then I went on to think, what else can be done? If at normal rates my body would still produce collagen I would need some sort of chemical reaction that inhibits the production of collagen, or at least disrupts its function significantly.

Enter CURCUMIN. What is it? It is a naturally occurring chemical compound that is found in the spice turmeric. There were some websites that recommended the use of turmeric to treat keloids scars, but they lacked the explanation and they mostly suggested direct application on the keloids itself. What I wanted to know was whether the curcumin in turmeric had any effect on collagen itself. So I went looking online for published scientific researches to find out the correlation between curcumin and collagen and found that the former does affect collagen production and function significantly.

You could just take my word for it or please go ahead and read up on the research done below to name a few :

Curcumin improves wound healing by modulating collagen and decreasing reactive oxygen species. Read here.

Curcumin inhibits collagen synthesis and hepatic stellate cell activation in-vivo and in-vitro. Read here.

Curcumin attenuates collagen-induced inflammatory response through the “gut-brain axis”. Read here.

So the decision was made, I would just include turmeric in my everyday meal. I went to the Asian supermarket and got myself lots and lots of powdered and even fresh turmerics. As someone who rarely cooks at home, this tends to be a problem. I ended up adding spoonfuls of turmeric to my morning coffee and daily drinks instead which got real tough real fast. With turmeric being a fairly strong tasting spice, it kinda drove me mad. I couldn’t last two weeks and so I looked for other alternatives. SUPPLEMENTS DUH! What an idiot I was, turmeric supplements were around for ages! but how would I know as they were never going to be promoted as a keloid treatment option. But at the dosage I was planning to consume them on, they weren’t really going to be financially viable to me. Also how would I ensure that my body absorbed the curcumin at an optimal rate?

My criteria for a supplement based curcumin was:

Ensures good absorption rate.
Little to NO side effects.

In terms of affordability, most supplements will set you back roughly $20 per month if you do search on Amazon. However, I was determined to find one that is more affordable than that.

I also narrowed it down to supplements that contain Bioprine. What is it? Bioprine is derived from black pepper. It aids in the absorption of nutrients in the gastrointestinal tract. That was all I needed to know.

A simple search on google found that consuming turmeric in large amounts did not have major side effects. PERFECT!

With all 3 boxes to check, I went on to Google looking for the best deals on Turmeric Supplements that contain Bioprine. I then stumbled onto a gem of a website, which constantly has a promotion going on that reduces the monthly cost to a mere $12.25 per month! That’s if you are on the recommended base dosage, I actually consumed double the dosage which set me back $24.50 dollars a month, that figure would be around $40 if I were to buy it on Amazon. I get these supplements from Science Natural Supplements. They have an ongoing promotion where you buy 1 bottle and you’ll receive 3 more for free! It is a little weird but I think it is just a marketing strategy, as their per bottle price is $49. With the 3 extra free bottles it averages their price down to $12.25. Pretty good deal if you ask me. They also do not promote it as a keloid treatment, but why would they, turmeric is actually a super-food that aids in all sorts of life-threatening illness, keloids wouldn’t be on that list. This treatment I’m recommending is after the fact that I’ve done my research and by all means is not a proven method to treat keloids, but continue reading below and decide for yourself!

Natural Healing Gold Dust

So I’ve been taking these supplements for over a year now combined with the diet restrictions that I have placed on myself, I have noticed significantly less itching, and not only that, I am pretty darn sure that my keloids have stopped its growth altogether! I have measured their growth rate for over 5 years now and the yearly growth rate was roughly 10% year on year. However, from the June of 2017 to July 2018, the growth rate was below 1%! I am ecstatic with the results, I will be going for an operation to remove all cosmetic flaws while continuing this supplement based treatment. I hope to publish my results a year from now.

I encourage all of you who are plagued with aggressive keloids to give this a go. I hope it works for you as well as it did for me. You can get these supplements from the link HERE. Please do come back for more updates on my progress. Would love to hear your success stories as well!
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RE: Is turmeric the answer to keloids?
but what about the scar tissue that has already formed. and how long are you going to live that lifestyle.

imho i think it will possibly stop the inflammation and growth of the keloid but it will not get rid of it. so when you stop the supplements and incorporate citrus etc into your diet, the keloid with eventual become active again.

I feel the story seems like he is just trying to sell you something.
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RE: Is turmeric the answer to keloids?
(06-08-2018 12:59)dragonbo0gie Wrote:  but what about the scar tissue that has already formed. and how long are you going to live that lifestyle.

imho i think it will possibly stop the inflammation and growth of the keloid but it will not get rid of it. so when you stop the supplements and incorporate citrus etc into your diet, the keloid with eventual become active again.

I feel the story seems like he is just trying to sell you something.

I think most people with chronic aggressive keloids such as myself have already come to terms that we have to live our whole life with keloids. Because there is NO CURE for keloids, it is just something we are. Only by accepting that we truly are able to find some form of happiness I guess. Depressing I know but that is the true fact. Stoppping the keloids from spreading is a HUGE thing for us.
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Is turmeric the answer to keloids?
Well at least someone is trying to cure this ridiculous condition. It’s pretty sad that not even my insurance will cover giant disfiguring keloids, but it covers hemorrhoid cream, what kind of sense does that make. I have been doing research as well and it seems like we are making more progress on our own than these scientists who don’t really care about this condition. Nobody wants giant tumors all over their body, I commend you for your dedication, some people rather die than live like this, it’s truly sad, hopefully it works and we all can enjoy our regular shitty lives without our skin constantly mutating.

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