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*Important guidelines for posting*
20-01-2013, 21:27
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*Important guidelines for posting*
Any feedback, whether it be treatment received, communication, knowledge, reputation, published literature, etc. related to a particular individual, doctor, specialist and clinics can be posted.

However, the topic of feedback itself can be very personal and therefore subjective, leading to skewed feedback.

Please do Icon_thumbsup:
  • Respect the professionalism and privacy of those you choose to review - they are professionals in their own right;
  • Remember to list as much detail as possible, including location of who you visited, and where;
  • Keep your feedback as objective as possible;
  • Keep your feedback as fair as possible;

Please do not Icon_thumbdown
  • Bring personal battles or personal details into the forum - regardless of your particular experience'
  • Provide feedback without having experienced interaction with the respective entity yourself;

In line with our non-profit and non-commercial ethos, false promotion and advertising of perceived specialists will not be tolerated.
The forums will be monitored frequently to ensure against this and posts modified accordingly at the discretion of the site owner.

Thank you.
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