Hyaluronic acid fillers / Risks?
17-03-2018, 01:31
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Hyaluronic acid fillers / Risks?
Good evening people. I'm Brazilian and I'm 51 years old. At 23 I did a mammoplasty and I came across keloid for the first time. I redid the surgery and I took corticoid and beta therapy. The skin has improved and cleared but the overall appearance is ugly (looks like patched clothing !!!). 2 years ago I had an emergency surgery (appendicitis) through videolaparoscopy and the keloids appeared again. they are small. I have 4 holes in the ears, I always took vaccines, I donate blood and I already did microsurgery of varicose veins. I had no problems. Now I am thinking of doing facial fill with hyaluronic acid. My dermatologist says the risk is small that keloid arises. Has anyone here done this?
28-03-2018, 16:56
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RE: Hyaluronic acid fillers / Risks?
Hi Maria,

I think this simply boils down to how much of a risk taker you are, and weighing up the importance of a 'facial fill' versus suffering from keloids, and everything that comes with it (pain, irritation, unsightliness, etc.) for a long time.

Nobody has the answer as to whether keloids will form, but considering you have past experience of keloid formation, my question would simply be: why risk it? Icon_smile

Let us know how you get on,


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