How Do I Reveal My Keloids to Someone I'm Dating
26-11-2017, 07:11
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How Do I Reveal My Keloids to Someone I'm Dating
Hi guys,

I have a tendency to self-sabotage my love life because I am just too afraid of having to reveal my keloids to someone - I can't even look at them myself, let alone feel comfortable having someone else see 'em.

I've written my difficulties with keloids and dating here: "How Do I Reveal My Keloids to Someone I'm Dating?"

After reading it, I may sound like I'm in despair, but there's a part of me that is still hopeful and open to any advice.
30-11-2017, 21:43
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RE: How Do I Reveal My Keloids to Someone I'm Dating
Hi, just thought I give some advise as I’ve been in the same situation. I got my keloid scars towards the end of my last relationship and I hid them from my girlfriend for around 3 to 4 months. It was awful and effected my relationship massively. She would always ask me why I’d never take my shirt off etc.

After we broke up and eventually started dating I would go on a few dates with girls but before anything serious happened, especially sexually I would just end it because I was scared of what they might think.

Anyway around 2 months ago I started dating a girl and again went on a few dates to point where I was deciding wever to call it off or not and then she hugged my one day and felt them. She asked about them and I literally froze because no one apart from my doctor knew. Anyway I couldn’t lie so I told her about it. Any way A couple of weeks after I showed her and she was cool with it. It dosnt even phase her. Now I don’t know how serious yours is but mine really bad. It’s all over my shoulders and my chest, maybe around a 100 in total. Ive now been dating her for around 2 months now and things are going great. I can now take my shirt off and it dosent even bother me. I would never thought I’d be able to do that so my advise to you is if your serious about this person then you have to tell them because it will put pressure on you and you potential relationship.

I really hope this helps, all the best.


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