Cryotherapy in Europe?
26-09-2017, 12:09
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Cryotherapy in Europe?
Hello everyone!

So my story is pretty similar to everyone else's. I started getting acne on my chest when I was 18 which turned into a keloid. Over the years I got more and more acne and therefore more scars. I am now 25 and i have around 26 keloid scars on my chest. I have tried almost every treatment available. Steroid injections, cryotherapy, silicone sheets and gels, you name it.

I have recently discovered Cryoshape while searching for cures on the internet for this awful disease. I have read very good things about it but despite the good results not many surgeons seem to practice it, at least not in Europe or maybe I just haven't found them yet. Can anyone give me a few pointers? I would be very grateful!

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