"Cryoshape" Treatment for Keloids
23-01-2013, 18:34
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"Cryoshape" Treatment for Keloids

Following on from my thread here: http://www.keloidscarforum.com/Thread-Treatment

After extensive google searches, I came across the "cryoshape" treatment. One of the first doctors to offer this treatment was Dr. Brain Gatsman. I read a lot about him and what he does and decided to drive down to Cleveland Ohio, USA (8 hours from Toronto) to see him at the Cleveland Clinic Hospital. To book an appointment with him is $500, I'm Canadian and don't have American health insurance (luckily the doctor refunded me $400.. I think he felt bad, read below). I drove all the way to Ohio to find out he doesn't do the cryoshape surgery anymore. He used to be able to do it, but now he has issues with the company who manufactures the tools to perform the surgery so he backed out of doing it anymore all together. He's apparently a Keloid specialist, and his suggestion to me was to go to Israel and get the surgery done there by the man who invented the cryoshape. His name is Dr. Yaron Har-Shai. While I was in Ohio, the nurse took photos of my body (probably one of the most horrifying experiences of my life) which I requested be sent to Dr. Yaron Har-Shai. I got in contact with his clinic in Haifa, Israel and they are willing to look at new patients. I am hoping to go to Israel this summer (2013). Before going to Ohio, I wasn't aware of the side-effects of the steroid injections. It was Dr. Gatsman who warned me that continuing with Steroid injections would decrease my chances of having children in the future, I'm sure the same can be applied to men as well. I am not married, or thinking about children anytime soon, but I would be devastated to know down the line that I am unable to have children because I used to inject steroids into my keloids.

There are also other dangerous options that can remove keloids but Dr. Gatsman does NOT recommend them: Radiation and Chemotherapy (I know I was shocked to hear that too)

If anyone wants to speak to me personally or has any further questions about me and my life with keloids, don't hesitate to ask for my contact Icon_smile


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