Cryoshape Fail
22-07-2016, 15:34
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Cryoshape Fail
Hi there,

I'd like to share my cryoshape experience. It was quite a while ago, but I will do my best to give you a good explanation as to how things went.

I booked an appointment with my dermatologist to use cryoshape. (Side note: I've already tried cryotherapy on the keloids on my face, but I've seen no improvement - it just darkened my keloids.)

Cryoshape is basically a needle dipped in extremely cold liquid nitrogen that is stuck through the keloid to "freeze it off." The procedure cost me $1,000. Now the keloids I wanted to get rid of is the cluster of them on my bikini line. The dermatologist injected the area with a numbing agent so that I wouldn't be screaming in pain lol. I'd say the procedure took 3 hours because the dermatologist had difficulties "navigating" the needle through them - again, they were all clustered together. And we had to let the needle sit to make sure that they were all thoroughly frozen.

The dermatologist told me that all I'd need was extra strength advil/tylenol to get through the pain, but that is a lie! Luckily, he prescribed me pain medication "just in case." I don't think I've ever rushed to the pharmacy so fast! The post-cryoshape experience was excrutiating! The pain, the pus - I've never experienced that much pain in my life. The area even started to give an off-putting odor, which I had to offset by using Men's Dove Care Body Wash, which has a potent smell to counteract it.

I'd say in about a few weeks to a month, the keloids fell off and left a pink-ish area exposed. I thought - THANK GOD! They're all off! God is good!

But in about a year, they grew back - again!!!!!!!! And with a vengeance! Bigger and just as bulbous and clustered as they were when I first got rid of em.

*Sigh* I complete waste of pain and a $1,000.

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