Chest Wall Keloid Treatment
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(19-02-2016 18:53)khemkavinay Wrote:  Greetings!!
I am a Keloid Patient from Pune India . There has been a lot of development in my keloid (not good) and i feel that my keloid needs immediate medication. I have four Keloids in my body (One big in Chest (very active), one small Keloid just below the big keloid on chest (active), One on Hips (inactive), One on shoulder back (inactive)). The main chest keloid started with a small pimple around midyear 2006.
Currently, I am facing lot of itching, radiating pain and burning sensation in chest keloid. The chest keloid size is also gradually increasing. Due to this, I am facing lot of problems like limited sleeping posture, sleep disorder, Obsession to Keloid, Losing self confidence at work.
I have last visited June 2015 at Dr Satish S. Savant Clinic based in Mumbai, India. He has suggested me to take the following treatment which will be continued for at-least 18 months
Injection 5 FU-(5 Fluorouracil) with cryotherapy session
Injection Kenacort 40 mg
Injection Hydnocortisone 100ml
Belt and Silicon Gel Sheet for Compression

I would request you to please provide your views on the treatment and guide me to control the keloid.

I am very confused and not able to take up the decision on which method can provide me the assurance to fight with keloid. Pls suggest should i go for it or any alternative method.
Your help is highly appreciated.
Yes I have the same one as yours on my chest. I had taken cryotherapy in which liquid nitrogen is sprayed on keliod for app 15 to 30 seconds in one sitting. Had taken a lots of them after one sitting the keloid gets watery as like burn up one with water and take couple of days to dry up and the burnout skin gets off. Its good treatment and have to be taken up consistently without any breaks. No meditation is goven just a gel for itching is put up.
I have app 1.75 inches long and app 0.5 inches in width on my chest. But as i left that process it grows up again.

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