Beijing clinic with remarkable treatment results
28-04-2018, 11:12
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Beijing clinic with remarkable treatment results
Hi all,

I saw a link to a clinic in Beijing which treats keloid scars. They have a page on Baidu which has many before and after photos taken over the course of treatment.北京疤康&

I don't speak or read Chinese, so don't understand the text (apart from the stated dates) but I'm curious to understand their treatment methods. I think the clinic is spelt 北京疤康吧 so Google it if the above link does not work.

If anyone else can shed any light on the methods used, or perhaps provide translation, that would be great as the results from the treatment are quite remarkable.

Thanks to c_man for creating this forum where Keloid suffers can share thoughts and opinions.

03-05-2018, 02:33
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RE: Beijing clinic with remarkable treatment results
I used google translate and copy and pasted the Chinese characters and it translates it in English. I cannot find the treatments they are using. I hope it is legit because then I may have to make a trip/vacation to China : )
12-05-2018, 12:37
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RE: Beijing clinic with remarkable treatment results
I guess that the treatment they use is radiation based as on some of the before / after photos there is a halo of darker skin surrounding the scar. What's interesting is that it looks like they are not surgically removing the scar tissue, only injecting the tissue with something.
12-05-2018, 16:07
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RE: Beijing clinic with remarkable treatment results
yea it seems they're using radiation for treatment and injecting something in the keloid scars. Thanks for the feedback![/align]
03-08-2018, 17:03
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RE: Beijing clinic with remarkable treatment results
:O i just saw the link and the results look amazing, it looks like possibly steroid injections/5-FU combo'd with radiation.

how exciting, would definitely like to know what that doctor is using.
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RE: Beijing clinic with remarkable treatment results
looks like they have 3 methods for scar removal.

using google translate:

[Scar-based positioning and ablation]
inhibits and destroys fibroblast proliferation and reduces collagen fiber synthesis and deposition by specific wavelength irradiation and decomposition therapy. It can promote the matured collagen fiber to mature and accelerate decomposition, so that the formed scar tissue is gradually absorbed, restores flatness, and does not recur.

[Surgery + scar prevention]
Surgical treatment of keloids, when the surgery has not been removed, began to prevent scar treatment. It is necessary to carry out early prevention and treatment through surgery + photodynamics, and keloids will not recur.

[Light Thermos Ablation]
This is an interventional minimally invasive treatment method that can be performed under local anesthesia, and releases certain laser energy into the collagen fibers in the scar tissue to dissolve and vaporize the scar tissue; the tissue that is ablated into a liquid Excreted by external force through the pinhole or gradually absorbed by itself at a certain time.
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RE: Beijing clinic with remarkable treatment results
Traditional Chinese Medicine seems to work for some of them to, they are called San Qi powder where you apply directly on your keloids after forming a paste with it.

The Indians however have a totally different approach in which they eat a diet high in Curcumin, a natural compound found in turmeric which also aids in keloid retardation. Article on this seems very compelling to read, you can find the article here. Good luck guys, I've been suffering from keloids for almost 20 years now, I know a fair bit about it, hoping to help anyone I can!
06-08-2018, 13:14
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RE: Beijing clinic with remarkable treatment results
Did you check out the link OP has suggested. the people on there have super aggressive keloids and the before and after looks real good. apparently they guarantee a no recurrence, and grant life time treatment if needed.

yes they are located in beijing however if i need to fly there to get rid of my keloid completely i will.
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RE: Beijing clinic with remarkable treatment results
I'm interested in trying Turmeric, but not necessary from the link and website lestergan suggested. He/she seems like they are trying to sell a product that has no reviews or guarantee. I will do my own research. I will see if it will help in suppressing the keloids I've formed on my jawline as well as the redness and inflammation. I feel like the 5-FU/ Kenalog injections is only a maintenance treatment and if I stop getting the injections they become inflamed again, so this is not a permanent treatment. I don't think turmeric will flatten or change the appearance of a keloid, but it could stop the inflammation and possibly stop it from spreading. I'd like to add that I would be interested in going to Beijing in the near future to see if I can completely remove my keloids on the jawline.
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RE: Beijing clinic with remarkable treatment results
I found a link. The Beijing clinic I'm pretty sure they are using the SRT-100 which is available in the states as well. It's a radiation device that eradicates keloids and has 90% or higher chance of NO recurrence. I might not have to go to Beijing hence the closest facility that offers SRT-100 after surgical removal of keloids is in Virginia and Washington D.C. for me.

My keloids on the jawline aren't that serious, but some of the scars are more raised on my left jawline. I'm hoping the SRT-100 radiation treatment can finally eradicate the keloids, so I won't have to get injections for the rest of my life...fingers crossed.

Here is another link for more info.

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