Bco oil inhibits collagen fibroblasts production better than TAC injections.
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Bco oil inhibits collagen fibroblasts production better than TAC injections.
I dont know if it’s just me, but keloids give me a lot of anxiety.
Partly because you never know how big they will get or when they will stop growing, and the fact that there is not much research or doctors with the know how to treat the condition properly. I’ve spoken with dermatologists, and many experts on keloids such as Dr. Michael Tirgan.
I’ve watched lectures about the subject and I read many many research articles about the subject on a daily basis. Sometimes it feels like an obsession, but honestly I just feel like there is a solution to this problem somewhere.

Anyways I came across something interesting that I would like to share, and I value any feedback or input. I read this article about BCO oil ( boa constrictor oil) or snake oil. Apparently it inhibits fibroblast production even better that than Triamcinolone acetonide injections (TCA), without the need for the pain and wound injury involved in the injections.

In combination with fish oil and Shea butter it’s applied to the scar, and it has been used for many years in some old African cultures.

To me, it make sense because Keloids affect darker complexions worse in many many cases. This condition is thousands of years old and this natural cure is probably just common sense in some distant regions of the world. and I can’t speak for everyone but African black soap, hot water, and Shea butter lotion is the only thing that can calm my keloids down when they are really aggravated.

If you would like to read this lengthy article go have a look and tell me what you think. https://www.woundsresearch.com/article/i...fibroblast

And the the important part of the study in my opinion was this.

“The authors initiated this study to compare the efficacy of BCO and shea butter because of their frequent use in our Nigerian study population. Compared to control fibroblast cultures, which were either untreated (data not shown) or treated with mineral or soy oil, both remedies showed reduction in fibroblast growth. However, the inhibitory effect of BCO at all tested concentrations was stronger than that of shea butter. Under our experimental conditions BCO outperformed triamcinolone acetonide (TA), the most widely used corticosteroid for intralesional keloid injection. Triamciolone has been shown to inhibit the growth kinetics of fibroblasts in culture.21”

Currently I’m taking black seed oil, and turmeric and changing my diet, and eliminating alcohol entirely. I’m definitely giving this one a shot. Good luck guys.

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