Are keloids a sodium related problem?
08-08-2018, 03:03
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RE: Are keloids a sodium related problem?
(08-08-2018 00:58)mic_mic16 Wrote:  How about sodium, and alcohol? I’m suspicious of the diet of the people with keloids. It doesn’t seem to be a completely random disease, there is some consistency to it. If it’s not the diet, I believe there is another underlying issue that has something to do with age. The growth seems to occur between certain ages, and it stops at certain ages, it varies from person to person. Scientists have discovered the different patterns in the locations, but it hasn’t evolved since then. Why does treatment work with some, and not others? Why are some keloids strong, and others weak and easily cured? There is an explanation to everything in life, (ie: cause and effect). So, if determine the cause, you find the the cure. It’s simple, and basic science.

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I don't drink alcohol, it does rile up the keloids pretty badly

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