A Keloid AFTER surgery!
11-02-2013, 23:10
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A Keloid AFTER surgery!
Hi all,

During my frequent search on Twitter for anything useful related to Keloids, I came across a somewhat shocking photo - of a keloid after it has literally seemingly been 'chopped off' Icon_eek Icon_scared Icon_eek...

The link to the tweet is here: https://twitter.com/purilestari28/status...1723224065

The photo itself can be seen below....

[not for the squeamish... keep scrolling]

[Image: gdorze7.jpg]

It's quite shocking as I've never personally seen a keloid seperated from the skin!

Unfortunately the tweet doesn't disclose the method, if any Icon_uhoh, behind the procedure. Equally unfortunately, I didn't recieve a resposne to my request for more info either...Icon_shakey


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